How to Start a doTERRA Business

How I Started My Business With doTERRA

I purchased my doTERRA membership in August 2016. I ordered Easy Air, Lavender Peace and another oil, I can't even remember what it was. I found the oils were the best quality I have found on the market and I soon fell in love with the products.

I saw there was business opportunity and started exploring the possibilities fairly early on. I researched other companies and I watched every training video I could find. I thought to myself "all these other people are doing this, so why can't I?"

And so my business journey began. I had a slow start as I focused on learning about doTERRA and how to build the business,  but after around six months my business really began to grow. I am so happy that I had the opportunity to create this business for myself and my family. I have flexibility with my time and I am able to put my families needs first. And in my "spare time" I run my business!


Why Choose doTERRA?

I have always used essential oils but I have never found any that were a higher quality than doTERRA. If I am going to sell something I want it to be a great product that I really believe in.  

Here are a few other reasons of why you should consider building a business with doTERRA:

  • doTERRA Essential Oils are tested via numerous methods to ensure highest quality.  Each oil is sent to third party laboratories for independent quality testing.
  • Sourcing is extremely important.  Many companies will import seeds and grow them locally to reduce costs.  However this greatly reduces the essential oils’ potency and quality.  doTERRA sources its oils from all over the world, searching for areas where each plant is native to and has grown for thousands of years in optimal conditions.
  • doTERRA is fast becoming well know worldwide. Because the product is so good and the brand is recognized it is quite easy to sell. You don't have to be limited by the local area you live in or the number of contacts you have, you are able to sell to customers anywhere in the world. 


Income Potential

The income potential doTERRA offers is fantastic. doTERRA enjoys an unheard of 68% retention rate, compared to a direct selling industry average of under 10%. After joining doTERRA, about 70% of all customers reorder, continue to share doTERRA products, and/or build a doTERRA business. Why?  Because doTERRA offers one of the best compensation plans anywhere. There are multiple ways to earn income when you become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. The image below will show you the average income for the various ranks:



Join my Team

By joining my team you already be headed on the path to success from the very beginning. When you join my team you will get:

  • A team leader and mentor who will guide you through the process of launching your doTERRA business
  • Guidance and advice on building your business
  • Access to members only Facebook groups
  • Access to special promotions
  • Guidance and advice on essential oil use


How To Get Started

The doTERRA opportunity is very low cost when compared to buying or starting a traditional small business. 

To start selling doTERRA you must be an active user. This means you will need to:

  1. Purchase one of the membership kits, and
  2. Set up a monthly autoship order of 100PV.

Now you are ready to start sharing and selling doTERRA!

Important Note: It is preferable that you contact me prior to enrolling so that I know you are interested in building. This way I can place you in the best position available in my team to start building. 


     How do I Grow my Business?

    • Share oils and your experiences with your family and friends
    • Start holding classes or essential oil parties and tell your friends to bring their friends
    • Have one-on-one classes with friends
    • Build an online presence via social media, websites etc and sell online
    • Enrol a business!


    Do you have questions? 

    If you would like more information, or have any questions about getting started, please email me here: