Earn with doTERRA - doTERRA Business Opportunity FAQ

Q. Will it cost me anything to start a doTERRA Business?

Yes. You will need to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. You can purchase a Wellness Advocate 12 month membership for $35 or you can purchase an Enrollment Kit where you will receive a 12 month membership for free. Click here to see the Australian Enrollment Kits available. 


 Q. Do I have to place a monthly order?

In order to earn commissions and bonuses you will need to place a 100pv monthly order. You can change the order at any time and you can cancel this order at any time.


Q. How much can I earn?

  •  doTERRA has a generous compensation plan. 
  • On retail sales you can make 25% profit
  • On enrollments you can make 20% of the enrollment pv. 
  • You have opportunity to earn bonuses as you build your business. 
  • You can earn 10% to 30% in product points in which you can use to get free products. 
  • doTERRA has the following ranks: Manager, Director, Executive, Elite, Premier, Silver Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Blue Diamond, Presidential Diamond. Average earnings for the ranks Silver and above are listed below. 

Q. How do I get paid?

You can get your doTERRA account credited and use the money to pay for your monthly order, or once you start earning more than you are spending on your monthly orders, you can have your commissions deposited into your bank account.


Q. Is training provided?

There is a great range of training videos available online. Essential 24 will be able to help you learn at your own pace. 


Q. Do I get my own website?

Yes, you get your own back office and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate website. Your customers can order from you directly through your own website. 


Q. What support will Essential 24 give me?

Essential 24 will provide support and guidance to you when you start your business. This means that I will share my experience to help you succeed.  


Q. How can I sell doTERRA?

You can sell doTERRA by holding essential oil classes, sharing the oils 1 on 1 with friends, through market stalls, through businesses, to businesses, online etc. 


 Q. Most of my contacts are from overseas, can I sell doTERRA to them?

Yes, doTERRA has offices in many countries. If you would like to share doTERRA with contacts in a country that does not have a doTERRA office email essential24@outlook.com to find out how. 


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