What To Do If You Get Undiluted Essential Oil On Your Skin & It Causes Irritation

My little Miss Three got into my essential oil collection the other day. I thought she knew not to put the oils near her mouth but she managed to grab the Oregano essential oil and for some reason she put it on her mouth. 

Oregano is a hot oil and shouldnt be used undiluted. Miss Three cried and there was redness around her mouth. 

So I grabbed my Fractionated Coconut oil and spread it around her mouth. Why? Oil doesnt mix well with water! Putting the Fractionated Coconut Oil on Miss Three diluted the Oregano oil. She stopped crying and the redness went away.

If you don't have Fractionted Coconut Oil you could use any other carrier oil or even Olive Oil  or regular Coconut Oil from your kitchen. 

These things happen (as I found out) so be careful when using your oils!




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