What is a doTERRA Membership?

What is a doTERRA membership? Why would you want a doTERRA Membership?

Think of a doTERRA membership as being similar to a Costco membership. You pay to be a member and in return you receive generous discounts on the products that you purchase. It is that simple. There are no lock in contracts and there is no obligation to make a purchase each month unless you want to. 

Currently a 12 month doTERRA Wholesale membership costs $35 so if you are going to spend more than $160 on essential oils or doTERRA products each year, buying a doTERRA membership is the smartest way to buy. 

In summary your doTERRA wholesale membership will give you:

  • 25% discount off all doTERRA products
  • Ability to participate in the Loyalty Reward Program (points for purchases made - like FlyBuys)
  • Ability to qualify for a free product each month
  • Ability to access the discounted product of the month
  • Ability to earn commissions and sell doTERRA as a business.
  • No lock in contracts
  • No obligation to make a purchase each month.

How do you get a doTERRA membership?

You can buy the membership and then add products to your order with a 25% discount applied, or you can purchase a doTERRA enrollment kit which comes with a free doTERRA membership and the products in the kit are further discounted from the wholesale price. It comes down to what you can afford however buying a doTERRA enrollment kit is definitely going to save you the most money in the long run. 

If you have any questions about purchasing a doTERRA membership you can contact me by sending an email to essential24@iinet.net.au


doTERRA Membership Kit

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