Super end of month offer for April 2017 on doTERRA Products

We ate too much chocolate over the Easter period and everyone at Essential 24 needs to get rid of their built up sugar!

So we decided to use up our energy by getting to work and we have added more value to our April offer! Here it is:

Spend $100 + shipping with Essential 24 you will get a FREE bottle of Lavender Touch (RRP $27). Spend $200 + shipping with Essential 24 you will receive a FREE bottle of Lavender Touch and a FREE bottle of Cedarwood essential oil (RRP $30) and a FREE doTERRA membership (RRP $35.00 optional).
Hurry this offer ends on April 30th 2017

 $100 = Free Lavender Touch

$200 = Free Lavender Touch + Cedarwood Essential Oil + doTERRA membership

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