Join the Essential 24 Open Chat Group On Facebook

I am really excited to be announcing the launch of our new Essential 24 Open Chat group on Facebook that anyone can join. This is not a members only group. Everyone can join. It is a closed safe environment for:

  • Those curious about using essential oils
  • Those already using essential oils
  • Existing doTERRA members
  • Non-members
  • Retail customers

In the Open Chat group you will be able to interact and talk about essential oils, using them, sharing tips etc. Or you could simply just read all the posts that pop up and learn from other oily experiences. 


Click Here to Join


Essential 24 Open Chat Group


  • Can you use any of your oils if your pregnant?

  • I would like to purchase doterra copaiba

    Margaret Vincent
  • Hi Jane, if you need help making an order just send me an email
    Simone – Essential 24

  • I would like to make an order

    Jane Davidson

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