Ice Blue Rub - What Would I Do With Out You?

Ice Blue Rub is one of my all time favourite products. What would I do without it?  The creamy rub absorbs well into the skin and is easy to apply. The smell is strong but for me I find it helps give me a lift. A little bit the size of a 10 cent piece can go a long way. 

When I am having one of those days I can often start to feel tension and tightening in my neck area. I never have time to get a massage but I do reach for the Ice Blue Rub. It is fantastic. I take a minute to rub a bit into my shoulders and around my neck area (no assistance required) and it really does help make getting through the day easier. 


Ice Blue Rub is also something I always take with me when I travel. We go like to go camping in areas that are a bit out of the way, and I wouldn't be without Ice Blue. Especially when we are having long active days out and about doing adventurous activities. 

You can buy Ice Blue Rub online here.


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