How doTERRA and Mulit-Level Marketing is the Same (but different) as Any Other Business


Before I had children I worked a 9 to 5 job in large government organization. When I left I was the acting Team Leader, I had a Regional Manager above me, and they had a Manger above them, then there was another boss above all of us. And this was just in the office, there was more but I won’t go into it. You get the idea.

doTERRA and multi-level marketing is similar. There is a structure and ranks. But you have more freedom and you don’t have to do what your upline says. You can work and run your business your own way as long as you comply with the company policies. There are people who will be ranks above you, but as you work your way up there will be some that are ranks below you. You can even outrank your enroller or ‘boss’.

 As we know most workplaces have some structure built into it. How you rise to the top can vary. If you get a promotion you may have got it be because you are a hard worker, or maybe you had many years of experience, it might be that you are highly qualified, it might be that you know the right people or it might be that you are the only one who will do that job.

With doTERRA how you get a promotion is a little different. You get promoted if you work hard and achieve. How good is that? Being rewarded for your achievements? Your upline can’t even stop you from being promoted. If you do the work and achieve, you move up in rank.

doTERRA and network marketing or multi-level marketing in general offers opportunity to those who may have never had opportunity in regular 9 to 5 jobs. To get started with doTERRA you don’t need a qualification, you don’t need experience you don’t even need to have a wide circle of friends. All you need is determination and the willingness to work, and then the sky is the limit.


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