Can You Spare 2 Minutes to Help Those With Bile Duct Cancer?

Unfortunately I have learnt a heap about Bile Duct Cancer as my lovely dad was diagnosed with it early this year. It is a rare cancer. There was no real warning, dad turned yellow one day and became unwell. He ended up in the hospital emergency department and was told he had a blockage in his bile duct. What? Has anyone even heard of that before? Well fast forward 6 months and dad was diagnosed with bile duct cancer and was fortunate enough to be able to have it removed surgically with the whipple procedure. This is a huge operation with a very long recovery and seeing my dad go through this was tough. 

Bile duct cancer has a high re-occurrence rate. I believe it can be cured but there have not been enough 'studies' done. The studies are usually funded by pharmaceutical companies and for them - well Bile Duct cancer is rare and isn't exactly big business now is it? Why would you put money towards something that is going to give you little return? So when you go to the Oncologist and say "what can you do for me?" They tell you there is not much evidence to support this, or studies have not been done on that. 

The impact this horrible disease has had on both my dad and my mum (and me) is huge. It sucked all their energy. There is no "Bile Duct Cancer" charity. There isn't much support. 

I have heard along the grape vine that Bile Duct patients have had great success when they have been given Keytruda, an immunotherapy drug.

At the moment because Keytruda is not available on the PBS for Bile Duct Cancer patients, it would cost someone $60,000 for a years worth of treatment. This isn't affordable for most. Wouldn't it be great if Bile Duct Cancer patients were able to access this immunotherapy treatment at a reasonable cost? In the link is a petition asking for Keytruda to be listed on the PBS for those with Bile Duct Cancer. 

Please help by signing the petition. Your signature would be appreciated  

Click HERE to sign the petition


Bile Duct Cancer


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