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Manuka essential oil hails from New Zealand, the perfect environment for the manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium). It comes from the myrtle family of plants, the same family as tea tree and eucalyptus plants. Though it starts out a shrub, it can sometimes grow into a tree reaching around 49 feet. Every part of the manuka plant has been used in traditional health practices by the Maori. You may already recognize the word “manuka” because of Manuka honey, which is from the hives of bees that pollinate the manuka tree’s flowers.


Revered by the Maori people for its many invigorating properties, Manuka has been used for centuries in New Zealand for its plethora of health benefits. doTERRA’s New Zealand Manuka Essential Oil is a pure steam distillation of the potent aromatic compounds found in the flowers, leaves, and stems of the Manuka tree. Manuka essential oil has a rich, spicy, herbaceous fragrance that can promote feelings of rest and relaxation. Use Manuka essential oil to ground and center energies while shielding yourself in preparation for deep meditation. Manuka essential oil can also be diffused aromatically to help cleanse and freshen the air. Applied topically, Manuka promotes the appearance of smooth, healthy looking skin.



  • Diffuse during meditation to center oneself.
  • Dispense 2-3 drops on a terra cotta plate and breathe in deeply before bedtime.
  • Add 1–2 drops to your favourite cleanser or toner to maintain the appearance of a smooth, clear complexion.

Manuka Touch Uses and Benefits

Available as a 10 mL roller bottleManuka Touch can be easily applied directly to your skin to obtain the topical and aromatic benefits.

  1. Roll onto your neck before or during meditation or yoga, to help ground and center your energies and emotions.  
  2. Manuka blends well with Peppermint and Bergamot as a personal fragrance. Layer them onto your skin one at a time, first by rolling on Manuka, then roll on some Peppermint Touch and a drop of Bergamot to the desired area.  
  3. Change is inevitable. Whether we choose the next path or not, all you need is a few minutes of courage to get to that next step. Roll Manuka into your palms, cup your hands over your nose, and inhale to promote courage and inner strength.
  4. Add it to your skin care routine to help keep your skin clean and clear.
  5. Blemishes can sometimes happen in spite of our best efforts. Fortunately, Manuka helps to reduce the appearances of blemishes.

Watch this video to find out more about doTERRA's Manuka essential oil. 

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