Essential Oil Support for Head Tension!

Head Tension? Try getting support from doTERRA's PastTense essential oil blend.


I woke up this morning after a bad sleep (thank you little miss 3) and my head was aching. I felt like I needed a good strong coffee. 

Now I have to admit I have not used PastTense often because I didn't really like the smell. 
For some reason I decided to try PastTense this morning and I applied it to my temples and to the back of my neck.

After 30 seconds or so I could feel the 'cooling' sensation. I am actually amazed that within around 10 minutes my head was starting to clear. I couldn't believe it!  

So just like that this oil has gone from almost the bottom of my favorite oils list to one of my top 15 favorites. 

My bottle of PastTense is going to start getting a regular workout 

You can buy PastTense here or send me an email or message to find out how you can buy this fantastic oil blend at wholesale prices. 


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