Cleaning Your doTERRA Diffuser

I have doTERRA diffusers in every room of my home. Depending on what essential oils you diffuse, they can freshen and cleanse your rooms with oils infused to meet your needs.

Cleaning your diffuser is important to ensure its longevity. If left for too long, essential oils or any leftover water can corrode and ruin your unit, and can also negatively affect your aromatic experience when there’s an array of essential oil residue in the diffuser—imagine trying to diffuse Basil after diffusing Spikenard first!

To keep your diffuser in perfect running condition for years to come, clean your diffuser after each use by wiping it out and letting it dry before using it again. For a quick clean, it is a good idea to diffuse Lemon oil for a short time. This makes it easier to clean out any residue or water lines before you wipe it out. 

We also recommend that you deep clean your diffusers once a month or as needed. Do so by following these easy steps:


How to Deep-Clean an Ultrasonic Diffuser (Lumo or Petal diffuser)

  1. Turn off your diffuser.
  2. Fill the water reservoir halfway to the line with clean water.
  3. Add 10 drops of pure white vinegar to the water reservoir.
  4. Turn it on and let run for 3-5 minutes, allowing the vinegar to disperse throughout.
  5. Drain the water reservoir completely.
  6. Dip a cotton swab in white vinegar and wipe down the edges of the water reservoir as well as the ultrasonic mist chip.
  7. Rinse the water reservoir with clean water.
  8. Wipe the reservoir with a dry cloth and let air dry before using it again.

Keeping a clean diffuser allows for the best possible experience in using your doTERRA essential oils aromatically.

What’s wrong with having a diffuser in each room with a different scent? Absolutely nothing!


Cleaning Your doTERRA Diffuser Australia

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