Natural Nail Polish Remover

Did you know you can remove nail polish without having to buy that nasty harsh stuff you get from the grocery store?

Yep, all you need is Lemongrass essential oil and a cotton ball. Lemongrass essential oil is quite inexpensive and it smells fantastic. Watch this video to see how easy it is. 

Currently you can buy doTERRA's Lemongrass essential oil for $17.33 retail or $12.00 wholesale price. 

Contact me to find out how to get your doTERRA membership so that you can get all your essential oils at wholesale prices. 



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  • Works when you accidentally drip nail varnish on carpets too – black nail varnish and beige carpet was recipe for disaster. Dabbing carpet with pad soaked in lemongrass. No mark left. No stain. No fade carpet


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